Kriyaa Hi Vastoopahutaa Praseedati


Vedic Period: Who are Aryans?

There is no consensus of opinion among the scholars regarding the original home of aryans. Some scholars believe that the aryans were native to the soil of India while others believe that the aryans migrated from outside.

Sapta-Sinhu Region: Early Vedic Period

There are at least 5 theories put forward regarding the ancestry of aryans as follows:

Theories related to original ancestry of Aryans

  1. Central Asia – Max Mueller
  2. Tibet – Dayananda Saraswati
  3. Pamirs – Mayor
  4. Steppes – Brandestein
  5. Turkistan – Hurz Feld
  6. Bactria – J.C. Road
  7. German Plains – Prof. Penka sheart
  8. Hungary – Giles
  9. Southern Russia – Nehring
  10. West Baltic – Mach
  11. Arctic Region – Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  12. Russian Steppe – Prof. Belfy
  13. Central India – Rajbali Pandey
  14. Kashmir – L.D. Kala
  15. Sapta Sindhu – A.C. Das
  16. Himalayan – Pt. Laxmidhar

Important Theory and their bases

Central Asian Theory

  1. Advocated by Max Mueller
  2. The vegetation and animals which are mentioned in Vedas and Avesta are similar to those found in Central Asia. Hence the original Homeland of aryans must be the central asian region.

Arctic region Theory

  1. Put forward by Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  2. Based on comparative study of Avesta and Vedas. Vedas speak about 6 months long day and long nights.
  3. He believed that Nothern Arctic region was suitable for dwelling. Aryans initially lived here but with the climate and geographical changes aryans had to move out.
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