Tips for Making notes for OAS Examination

We always advise you to make your own notes. So to make a better note which will provide you success in OPSC OAS examination, you have to keep in mind following tips:

  1. Make notes in your own hand writing.
  2. Make notes in your own words as far as possible.
  3. First go through the source before making the notes do as to gain familiarity with the topic
  4. Make notes as short as possible
  5. Instead of noting paragraph after paragraph, it would be better to note just the key words
  6. Distinguish the topics with the help of headings, sub-headings and points
  7. Do not leave your note incomplete
  8. Take help of more than one or two sources in making notes
  9. Enrich your notes, where ever possible with the help of your own sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals and case studies.
  10. For bulky subjects like GS, it is essential to use your discretion in making notes. Make notes only on selected segments
  11. Do not waste all your time in making just notes
  12. Do not forget the notes once you have made them
  13. Keep on referring to your notes from time to time
  14. Do not rely just on your note once you have made them, keep on enriching your notes from time to time

Keeping these facts in mind will ensure that you are able to make the best out of your notes. It is further ensures time management with efficiency during the time-frame of your preparation.

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