The Treaty of Purandhar (1665)


After the defeat of Prince Muazzam on the hands of Shivaji Aurangzeb sent Raja Jai Singh of Amber against Shivaji. Raja Jai Singh won a few victories against Shivaji and besieged him in Purandhar (1665) and persuaded him to sede some forts to the Mughals by signing the treaty of Purandhar and pay visit to the Mughal court at Agra.

Terms of the Treaty

  1. Out of 35 forts held by Shivaji, he agreed to surrender 23 forts (which yielded four lakhs huns every year) to the Mughals. The remaining 12 forts (with annual income of one lakhs of huns) were to be left to Shivaji.
  2. Shivaji agreed to the condition attached with his possession of 12 forts- service and loyalty to the Mughal throne.
  3. Shivaji was allowed to keep possession of the territory worth four lakhs huns a year in the Bijapuri Konkan.
  4. Shivaji was granted the Balaghat territory of Bijapur.
  5. Shivaji had to pay 40 lakhs huns to the Mughals in lieu of Bijapuri Konkan and the Balaghat.

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According to the treaty, when Shivaji visited Mughal court, he was ill treated and was taken as a prisoner. He managed to escape, reaching Raigarh in 1666. From then onward, he became an avowed enemy of the Mughals. He very soon conquered all the forts which he had surrendred to the Mughals. In 1670, he plundered Surat for the second time. In 1674, Shivaji made Raigarh his capital and celebrated his coronation, and assumed the title of Chhatrapati.

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