The Sikh Gurus

Places Visited by Guru Nanak

The era of ten gurus of Sikhism apans nearly 300 years, from the birth of Nanak Dev in 1469, through the life of Gurur Govind Singh.

Gurur Nanak Dev (1469-1539AD): First of the 10 gurus, founded the Sikh faith, introducing the concept of one God.

Guru Angad Dev (1504-1552AD): Compiled the writings of Nanak Dev, and introduced the Gurumukhi script.

Gurur Amar Das (1470-1574AD): Disavowed caste with the institution of langar, pangat and sangat.

Gurur Ram Das (1534-1581AD): Began the Excavation of the Sarovar in Amritsar.

Guru Arjun Dev (1563-1606AD): Erected the Swarna Mandir or Golden Temple(Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar.

Guru Har Govind (1595-1644AD): Constructed Akal Takht

Guru Har Rai (1630-1661AD): Maintained a strong cavalry of 20,000 as his personal guard.

Guru Har Krishna (1656-1664AD): Became guru at the age of five, and is known for his wisdom and compassion.

Guru Teg Bahadur (1621-1675AD): Sacrificed his life to protect Hindu Pandits from forced conversion to Islam.

Guru Govind Singh (1666-1708AD): Created the order of Khalsa in 1699. Completed the Granth bestowing upon it little of everlasting Guru.

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