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USA has one of the most powerful economies in the world and it comes into the category of developed nations. Indeed all such factors tempt thousands of international students in its prestigious universities. Management courses are a great success among students and it boasts some of the top business schools in the world. USA has some of the biggest companies in the world in different sectors.

How to study Management in USA?

  1. Obtain a 4 year or Bachelors degree. For management studies in USA, a minimum four degree is mandatory to seek admission. Countries like India and Australia which have three year degree are not considered for management program in USA therefore, you must have a professional degree such as Engineering or Medical to become eligible. You may also do a master degree like MA, M.Com to become eligible for US business school.
  2. Calculate your tuition costs. An important thing to note tuition fees in USA is divided into two categories – Public (state, supported) and private (independent). As an international student, if you seek admission in Public business school then your education expenditure is comparatively lesser than that of private Universities. However, this difference does not affect the quality of the program.
  3. Obtain relevant work experience if at all possible. USA has many business schools where you could go for management studies. Most of these Universities prefer work experience of two to three years before they take you in. Though some Universities may accept students without work experience as well but candidates with work experience are given more preference.
  4. Take and pass the GMAT. GMAT is compulsory in American Business universities, it is an important procedure of the Universities to select students for the management program. To get admission in the top most business colleges you must excel in your GMAT score. This is to be noted here for international students the score of GMAT is even more important because it helps them to get student visa. If you do not give this test then getting student visa may become difficult for you even if you have got admission in US business school.
  5. Take and pass the TOEFL. Another important exam that international students have to go through is TOEFL, this is as important as GMAT. It checks the efficiency of English; if you have fluency in English with strong writing skills then it would not be a problem to pass this test.
  6. Management studies in USA is costlier than most of the countries. All the top Universities of US have very high fee structure and other charges. In that case you could opt for scholarships, fellowships and loans which can fund your education expense.
  7. Work hard and make good grades to improve your chances of obtaining a full scholarship for your studies. It is tough to obtain but it covers your entire education expenditure except your airfare. Loans can be obtained from the corporate banks of your city.
  8. Improve your job opportunities by taking Management studies from the top business school of United States. Some of the most respected business schools of United States are listed below- Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Duke University

Top Universities for Masters in Management in USA

Living in the US

The USA is well-known for the top universities such as Harvard, Massachusetts of Technology and has the biggest chunk of international students from foreign. Excluding your tuition fees, and insurance the other factor which adds up to your cost of living are accommodation, food, and necessities.

The place of stay also places a key role while you decide the living expenses in the USA. Generally, the cost of housing is economical at New York($1, 440 per month) compared to California and San Francisco($1,956 per month)

The average annual cost of living in the USA for students is US$ 18800. This includes $ 12006 for rent, $4776 for food and $2000 for other daily expenses.

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