Strategy for Answering Multiple Choice Questions in Civil Service Examination

There are few things to be kept in mind while answering multiple choice question during the Civil Service Examination as follows:

1. In a multiple choice question paper, the answer is there before you- all you have to do is find it. You can do so in many cases by eliminating some answer choices rather than by using all the knowledge at hand to arrive at the answer. In some times, a couple of answer choices are obviously incorrect. Cross them out if you locate them, and concentrate on the narrowed down options. This especially helpful in those questions where you somewhat unsure of the answer.

2. A time is the essence, don’t get stuck on a question you are unable to understand or whose answer you are unable to find; make a mark against the question and move onto the next question and the next. Answer all the questions you are sure of and then come back to unanswered ones. It happens at times that another question actually provides a hint about the answer to a question that has puzzled you. You could differentiate in the marks you put against those questions you hope to solve and those which you feel are just beyond you, so that when you come back to solve the questions a second time round, you can simply skip those questions that you never intended to attempt. And don’t feel let down if there are such stinkers-there are bound to be at least some of those, but they will be just a very fe, and most likely will puzzle every other candidate as well.

3. Every time you skip a question, be sure to skip that number in the answer sheet as well, otherwise you may mark the correct answer in the wrong place and lose precious marks.

4. Last but not least, read the directions to the questions carefully, understand them and follow them meticulously; dont assume something that is not said in the directions. Read the questions carefully, understand what it wants. Then read the options equally carefully and mark your choice after due thought. Be especialy careful in those questions which are phrased negatively-asking you what is not true or what should not be done. The options almost always have one among them that gives an answer to the positive question, and thus traps you into giving a wrong answer in a hurry even though you know the right one.

Above all, remain calm and cool. It just a test, after all. And everyone is in the same boat anyway.

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