River Mahanadi

There are four groups of River systems in Odisha that drain into the Bay of Bengal. They are as follows:

1. Rivers that have a source outside the state( The Brahmani, The Mahanadi, The Subarna Rekha)

2. Rivers that have source inside the state( The Rushikalya, The Budhabalanga, The Salandi, The Baitarani)

3. Rivers that have a source inside the state but flows through other states( The Nagavali, The Vansadhara, The Bahudu)

4. Rivers that have a source inside the state but tributaries that flows through other states( The Kolab, The Indravati, The Machhkund, The Sileru)

Some Major Rivers of Odisha

The Mahanadi
1. It is the sixth largest river of India
2. It originates from the Amarkantak Hills , Chhattisgarh
3. Hirakud Dam of Smabalpur has been constructed on this river.

The Brahmani
1. It is the second largest river of Odisha.
2. It originates from Chhotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand.
3. Rivers Sankh and Koel join at Vedvyas in Rourkela which is called Brahmani.
4. It flows through Sundargarh, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Kendujhar and Jajpur districts.

The Baitarani
1. It originates from the Gonasika Hills of Keonjhar
2. After joining Brahmani it falls into Bay of Bengal.
3. It mainly flows through Jajpur district.

The Subarnarekha
1. It originates from the Chhotanagpur Plateau of Jharkhand
2. It flows through Balasore District.

The Rushikalya
1. It originates from Rushikalya district of Kandhamal district.
2. It has no delta at its mouth.
3. It basically flows through Kandhamal and Ganjam Districts of Odisha.

The Bahuda
1. It originates from Ramgiri Hills of Gajapati district and joins Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh.
2. It flows through Ganjam district.

The Bansadhara
1. It originates from Lingaraj Hills o Kalahndi.
2. It flows through Rayadaga District.
3. It enters into Bay of Bengal at Kalinga Potalam at Andhra Pradesh

The Buddhabalanga
1. It originates from the Simplipal Massif.
2. It flows through Mayurbhanj and Balasore district.

The Nagavali
1. It originates from the Bijipur Hills near Lanjigarh.
2. It is also known as Lalgulya.
3. It flows through Kalahandi, Rayagada and Koraput district.

The Salandi
1. It originates from Meghasana Hills of Simlipal massif, Keonjhar district.

The Kolab
1. It originates from Sinkavan Hills of Koraput district.
2. It meets Godavari in Andhra Pradesh.

The Indravati
1. It originates from Kalahandi District.
2. As a tributary it flows into Godavari Rover

Ipsita Mishra BA, LLB