Right time to make notes for OAS Examination

Most of the OAS aspirants rely on their own notes apart from the other basic study materials. Making notes and reading from them has proved to be useful in the examination.

Notes are easy to grasp and remember. Notes save your valuable time. Notes are proved to be handy and valuable for last minute revisions. But making note is not a simpler step. A good note will help you to success in exam but a bad note a cause you to failure.

Note making is an art and notes should be made skillfully. To understand good note making for OAS examination please refer our article on it: Tips for making notes for OAS examination.

But the problem is what is the right time for making notes?

If you begin making notes say, three to six months before the actual examination then you would neither be able to finish the task of making notes nor would you able to finish the reading of your syllabus and do justice to the task of making notes.

Therefore, it is best advised to complete making notes at least six months prior to the actual examination. This would you help you in getting familiar with the syllabus on the one hand and leaving you with enough time for consolidation and revision.

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