One should give a serious thought to the selection of the optional subjects. A wrong decision in the beginning might prove an obstacle in one’s success in the OAS examination. There are good number of candidates who were capable of qualifying but only because of wrong selection of the optional subject they eventually failed.

Optional subjects play a decisive and crucial role in qualifying OAS Main examinations. Do’t be in a hurry in selecting optional, consider properly and give time to it.

While selecting an optional you must care for the following:

  1. The Syllabus: Find out whether it looks comprehensive at the first glance
  2. Content: Find out whether the relevant books/study materials  are easily available.
  3. Interest: After going through some of the literature, find out whether it has been able to generate interest in you.
  4. Expertise: Whether any specialist of the subject is available or approachable, the one that you can solve your problems and satisfy your queries.
  5. Friends Advice: Particular of those who have not made into the list of successful aspirant of the previous year

Here we have discussed certain rational criteria for selecting optional subjects for OAS Main examination, that should be followed by the OAS Aspirants:

  1. Every subject is good. The syllabus of almost every subjects is equally lengthy and demand equal amount of labour. The syllabus of popular optional subjects like History, Geography, Political Science etc. are equally vast. One should get 340-350 level of marks in all subjects through proper guidance and adequate labour.
  2. one may take into consideration one’s interest in the subject but this is not important. Success of many candidates has proved it.
  3. One might take into consideration one’s background in the subject.
  4. One might  take into consideration the similarities of topics of subjects for example History and Political Science, Commerce and Accountancy and Public Administration etc.. This lessens the burden of the candidates. This is an important criteria.
  5. Go through the syllabus and previous year questions of the subject, you are considering to opt.
  6. One might take into consideration the fact that to what extent the optional subject help a candidate in General Studies. Subjects like History, Public Administration and Political Science etc. play a significant role in this context.
  7. The most important criteria is the guidance one gets in the subjects. Guidance makes subject easy and enable candidates to write standard answers. Experiences of a large candidates have established the truth that any subject is a good subject provided one gets a good guidance for that subject. A good guidance does not mean teaching of topics, rather teaching in such a way that one can comprehends all the topics, one has adequate and quality content and more significantly one is in a position to write good and standard answers, which is essence of preparation.

This is all about how can a candidate select a good optional for OAS Main examination.