Public Administration Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-IV

Q1. Answer the following Questions in nor more than 200 words.

a) “The Governor of a state wears two hats, therefore, dilemmas have arisen in practice.” Comment.

b) “The legislative relations between Union and States Governments are more biased towards Union Government.” Comment.

c) “Maintenance of Law and order is a state subject but the Union government can deploy armed forces in any state.” Comment.

d) “In the Chief Secretary, the State government has an officer whose counter part does not obtain in the Union Government.” Comment.

Q2. “Among several other problems the problem of financial relationship is perhaps the most complex one.” Explain this statement in the context of recent developments in Union-state relationships in India.

Q3. “The position of Governors towards exercising their discretion and powers has considerably changed after 1967.” Discuss this statement in context of recent happening in Karnataka.

Q4. “The Chief minister symbolizes ruling power structure and is the real executive head of the state government.” Discuss his position in state where his has no majority support but got his position after post-poll alliance.

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