Public Administration Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-V

Q1. Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words:

a) “It is not possible to maintain that the administrative system, described in Arthasashtra was in actual existence during the Mauyran Period.” Comment.

b) “Though the legislature and the executive rule as well as administer, the Civil Servants only administer and do not rule.” Comment.

c) “Generalism in Civil Service is a powerful bulwark against committed bureaucracy.” Comment.

d) The Office of the Chief Secretary should be rotated among the top Civil Servants in the State Administration.

Q2. What do you understand by “People’s Participation” in administration? Suggest measures to sensitize administrators to citizen’s grievances and enlist co-operation from voluntary agencies.

Q3. Discuss the various facets of the All India Services and examine the emerging patterns of Conflict and Cooperation between the Union and the State in Indian Federalism.

Q4. Critically Review the constitutional provisions relating to Centre-State administrative relations in India during normal times within the framework of a normative federal system.

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