PM GatiShakti Master Plan to change ‘sarkari’ work culture

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to launch the GatiShakti master plan, across the country. The master plan will help in revamping and speeding up the government work culture across the country, making government offices more efficient.


The GatiShakti plan has the aim of dismantling and building up the structure around which the government offices work in India. These offices have been working at a slower pace and higher cost, leading to delay in projects and schemes, which will change with the GatiShakti plan.


The PM GatiShakti scheme is a national master plan, which literally translated to “the power of speed”. This plan will lead to multi-modal connectivity across government offices and will address the issue of a lack of coordination among various agencies in the Indian government.

The PMO stated while talking about the new master plan, that the GatiShakti project will break departmental silos and institutionalise holistic planning for the stakeholders across major infrastructure projects. The various departments will also have visibility of each other’s projects under this plan.

This project will address the issue of time-taking approval processes across various departments and speed up projects.

The GatiShakti project is based on a total of six pillars-

  • comprehensiveness,
  • prioritisation,
  • optimisation,
  • synchronisation, and
  • being analytical and dynamic.

This project will also generate large-scale employment opportunities and make local goods compete in the global market.

The project will also cut down logistical costs and improve supply chains across the government offices. The GatiShakti scheme will overhaul the ‘sarkari work culture’ in the country through multi-modal connectivity.

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