Origin of the Aryans

Many theories have been put forward by scholars and historians regarding the original home of the Aryans. The Central Asian theory of the Max Muller is accepted most widely. He has identified Central Asia as the original home of the Aryans. His view is based on the study of language. There are fundamental similarities among some language such as Latin, Greek and Sanskrit and the resembalance continues till date such as Pitri, Pater stands for father in Sanskrit and Latin respectively and so on. Accordingly Max Muller concluded that the ancestors of the Indian, the Greeks, the Romans, and the English have originally resided at a common place.

The Austro-Hungarian theory, propounded by Dr Giles and Prof. Macdonell, considers the banks of the Danube river to have been the original home of the Aryans.

Indian historians like Dr. Sampurnananda and Avinash Chandra Das put forward Sapta-Sindhu theory and pointed out that the modern Punjab and Sindh region was the original home of the Aryans. The view is based on the study of geographical features mentioned in hymns of the Reigveda.

From the description of certain natural phenomenon as described in the Rigveda, Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak concluded that the original home of the Aryans might be in the region near the North Pole. He reached this view after a close study of several ancient books such as Zend Avesta, Rig Veda and other books.

According to Swami Dayananda the original home of the Aryans was Tibet. This view was supported by F.E. Pargiter.

Theories Related to the Ancestry of Aryans



Central Asia Max Muller
Tibet Dayananda Saraswati
Pamirs Mayor
Steppe Brandenstein
Turkistan Hurz Feld
Bactria J.C Road



German Plains Prof. Penka Sheart
Hungary Giles
Southern Russia Nehring
West Baltic Mach
Arctic Region B.G. Tilak
Russian Steppes Prof Belfy



Central India Rajbali Pandey
Kashmir L.D. Kala
Sapta Sindhu A.C. Das
Himalayan Pt. Laxmidhar

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