N.B: Course will commence from 21st July, 2019

Building Foundation Tests

Test-1: Ancient India-I
Test-2: Ancient India-II
Test-3: Delhi Sultanate
Test-4: Mughal Period
Test-5: Modern India
Test-6: Indian National Movement
Test-7: Indian Culture
Test-8: Indian Culture-II
Test-9: General Geography
Test-10: Physical Geography
Test-11: Human Geography
Test-12: Physical Geography of India
Test-13: Human Geography of India
Test-14: Indian Polity-I
Test-15: Indian Polity-II
Test-16: Indian Polity-III
Test-17: Indian Governance
Test-18: Indian Economy-I
Test-19: Indian Economy-II
Test-20: Indian Economy-III
Test-21: Indian Economy-IV
Test-22: Indian Economy-V
Test-23: Environment-I
Test-24: Environment-II
Test-25: Environment-III
Test-26: Chemistry
Test-27: Physics
Test-28: Biology
Test-29: Science and Technology
Test-30: Current Affairs

N.B.: Each Test contains 50 questions and Tests are Based on Recommended Books

Advance Tests

Test-31: Indian History + Geography + Current Affairs
Test-32: Indian Polity + Indian Economy + Current Affairs
Test-33: Environment + General Science + Current Affairs

N.B: Each Test contains 100 Questions and Tests are based on Recommended Books

Mock Tests

Test-34: General Studies Paper-I
Test-35: General Studies Paper-I
Test-36: General Studies Paper-I


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Special Features

1. Complete Coverage of Syllabus
2. Questions and Tests are according to Latest Pattern of OPSC Examnination
3. Detailed Explanation Booklets
4. Value Addition Materials
5. 20 set of Complete Study Materials (softcopy)
6. Comprehensive Question Bank (20 Set)
7. Special Focus on UPSC Exam