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OPSC OAS Prelims 2019-20 Test Series: General Studies-I

Test Format: Online || PDF of Question paper and Explanation booklet will be provided after taking the test online

TestSubjectRef. BooksDate
Test- 1Complete Syllabus (No. of Questions: 100)Previous Year OPSC Question Papers27th October 2019
2Macroeconomics (No. of Questions: 50)1. NCERT Macroeconomics
2. NCERT Indian Economic Development
3Economic and Social Development (No. of Questions: 50)1. NCERT Indian Economic Development
2. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
4Indian Polity and Governance (No. of Questions: 100)1. NCERT Constitution at Work
2, Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
5Indian and World Geography (No. of Questions: 100)1. NCERT Geography Books from Class-VI to XII
2. Geography of India and the World by Majid Hussain
6History of India and Indian National Movement (No. of Questions: 100)1. Ancient India by RS Sharma
2. Medieval India by Satish Chandra
3. Modern India by Bipin Chandra
4. India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra and Others
7General Issues on Environmental Ecology (No. of Questions: 100)Environment by Shankar IAS Academy15/12/2019
8General Science (No. of Questions: 100)Lucent’s General Science22/12/2019
9Current Events of National and International Importance (No. of Questions: 50)Current Affairs from December 2018 till Date
Vision IAS or Byju’s IAS monthly current affairs notes
10Complete Syllabus (No. of Questions: 100)1. Previous year OPSC Question Papers
2. Previous year UPSC question Papers
11Mock Test-1 (No. of Questions: 100)All Recommended Books01/03/2020
12Mock Test-2 (No. of Questions: 100)All Recommended Books08/03/2020

20 Set Question Bank in PDF

Foundation Tests

1. Biological Sciences
2. Indian History
3. Macroeconomics
4. World Geography
5. Environment
6. Physical Sciences
7. Indian National Movement
8. Indian Geography
9. Indian Polity
10. Indian Economy
11. Indian Governance

Advance and Mock Tests

12. History of India and Indian National Movement
13. Geography of India and the World
14. Indian Polity and Governance
15. Economic and Social Development
16. Environmental Issues
17. General Science

18. General Studies Paper-I
19. General Studies Paper-I
20. General Studies Paper-I

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Special Features

1. Complete Coverage of Syllabus
2. Questions and Tests are according to Latest Pattern of OPSC Examnination
3. Detailed Explanation Booklets
4. Value Addition Materials and Infomaterials
5. Comprehensive Question Bank (20 Set)
6. Special Focus on UPSC Exam
7. Rank card and Score comparison with other students

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