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Test Details

Foundation Tests || Before OAS Prelims 2019-20
Test-1: Modern India-I
Test-2: Modern India-II
Test-3: Modern India-III
Test-4: Modern World-I
Test-5: Modern World-II
Test-6: Modern World-III
Test-7: Ancient India-I
Test-8: Ancient India-II
Test-9: Ancient India-III
Test-10: Medieval India-I
Test-11: Medieval India-II
Test-12: Medieval India-III

Quick Revision Tests || After OAS Prelims 2019-20
Test-13: Ancient India
Test-14: Medieval India
Test-15: Modern India
Test-16: Modern World

Advanced Test
Test-17: Ancient India
Test-18: Medieval India
Test-19: Modern India
Test-20: Modern World

Mock Tests
Test-21: HIstory Paper-I
Test-22: HIstory Paper-II

Special Features:
1. Questions are according to latest pattern of Examination
2. Complete Coverage of Syllabus
3. Special value Addition Materials
4. Evaluation of Answer script (OPSC Standard)
5. Largest Number of Students
6. Weakness Detection of Your Writing Style
7. Complete Explanation cum Answers

Price: Rs 6799