OAS Mains-2020 General Studies Test Series

OAS Mains-2020 General Studies Test Series
16 Tests (12 Sectional + 4 Mock tests)

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Programme Objectives: Answer writing skill development, Structure & presentation of answer, How to present facts, information & knowledge in the answer, Understanding actual requirement (key words, Context & Content) of the OPSC in the different types of questions and how the  questions should be attempted for good score (strategy & approach), Understanding your current preparedness & required action plans and framing your mind towards actual pattern, toughness and timing of the actual OPSC Examination.

Question Levels: Easy, Moderate, Advanced

Schedule: Flexible according to OPSC schedule and your convenience


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Test NoTest NameSyllabusDate
1Geography of India (200 marks)Physical, economic and social geography of India. 31/01/2021
2Indian Polity (300 marks)Constitution of India
Political system of India
Government and politics in Odisha
Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Odisha.
3Indian Economy (200 marks)I Planning, economic development, economic reforms and development of the Corporate Sector in India
II Economic and Trade issues
III Foreign trade
IV Role and functions of IMF, World Bank and WTO V Reserve Bank of India – its role and functions
4Legal and Environmental Issues (200 marks)Human Rights
Corruption in public life
Communal harmony
Protection of minorities
Internal security and related issues
Environment and ecological issues; ecological preservation, conservation of natural resources and national heritage.
Role of national institutions, their relevance and need for change
5Science and Technology (200 marks)Developments in the field of science & technology, communications and space04/04/2021
6Modern India (300 marks)History of India since 1857
Important personalities who shaped the Freedom Movements in India
Social Reform Movements
7Indian Culture (200 marks)Indian culture from ancient times to modern times09/05/2021
8India and the World (300 marks)Foreign Affairs
External security and related matters
Nuclear policy
Indians abroad
9International Affairs and Institutions (200 marks)Important events in world affairs
International institutions like UN, ILO, EU, SAARC, WHO, ICJ
10Current National Issues and Topics of Social Relevance (200 marks)Demography & Human Resource Development
Behavioural & Social issues and Social Welfare problems : Child labour,
gender inequality, adult literacy, rehabilitation of the handicapped and other deprived segments of society, drug abuse, public health, education and unemployment.
11Statistical Analysis (100 marks)Statistical Analysis, Graphs & Diagrams18/07/2021
12Geography, History, Culture and Economy of Odisha (200 marks)Important personalities who shaped the Freedom Movements in Odisha
Temple architecture of Odisha.
Socio-cultural developments in Odisha
Odisha’s Physiography and Drainage system
Odisha’s Natural Resources – Water, forest and minerals.
Odisha Economy : Development during the post Reform Period.
Regional disparity
13General Studies Paper-I Complete SyllabusTo be decided..
14General Studies Paper-IIComplete SyllabusTo be decided..
15General Studies Paper-IComplete SyllabusTo be decided..
16General Studies Paper-IIComplete SyllabusTo be decided..