OAS Prelims Foundation Programme-2020

OAS Prelims Foundation Programme
17 Tests (16 Sectional + 1 Mock tests)
Value Addition Material + Supplementary Materials + Sample Answer/Answer Materials(PDF only)

Expert Support: Email/whatsapp Support

Programme Objectives: Build a Strong foundation using NCERT and other recommended Books

Question Levels: Easy, Moderate, Advanced

Schedule: Flexible

Duration: 6 Months


  • After registration you will get login id and Password to access your account in Student Zone.
  • Tests will be uploaded according to our schedule which is purely tentative and subject to changeable.
  • You have to download the softcopy(PDF) of Question and take the test according to your convenience and evaluate yourself using the answer key provided.
  • Send your score to us: sl.brajabandhu@gmail.com

What you will get: All reference books will be provided in pdf

Price: Rs 1199/-

Test No.Test NameDate
1Ancient India (50 Questions)12/07/2020
2Medieval India (50 Questions)19/07/2020
3Modern India (50 Questions)26/07/2020
4Indian National Movement (50 Questions)02/08/2020
One Week Break
5Physical Geography of India (50 Questions)16/08/2020
6Economic Geography of India (50 Questions)23/08/2020
7Physical Geography (50 Questions)30/08/2020
8Economic Geography (50 Questions)06/09/2020
One Week Break
9Indian Polity (50 Questions)18/10/2020
10Indian Polity (50 Questions)25/10/2020
One Week Break
11Macroeconomics (50 Questions)08/11/2020
12Indian Economy (50 Questions)15/11/2020
One Week Break
13Physics (50 Questions)13/12/2020
14Chemistry (50 Questions)20/12/2020
15Biology (50 Questions)27/12/2020
One Week Break
16Environment (50 Questions)27/12/2020
One Week Break
17General Studies Paper-1 (100 Questions)03/01/2021