OPSC OAS Mains 2020 Programme: Geography Optional (Test Series Only)

Programme Highlights

  • 16 Tests including 6 mock Tests for Improvement of Answer Writing
  • Critical Evaluation of Answer Sheet
  • Round the Clock Doubt Clearance
  • Affordable Fees
  • Supporting Value Addition Materials

Note: Schedule is purely tentative and subject to change according to OPSC Schedule

Course Fee: Rs 3699 /-

(Rs 500 discount for Registered Students)          

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Test No.TopicsDate
1Perspectives in Human Geography + Environmental Geography19/09/2021
2Economic Geography + Population Geography26/09/2021
3Settlement Geography + Regional Planning03/10/2021
4Geomorphology + Biogeography10/10/2021
5Climatology + Oceanography17/10/2021
6Political Aspects + Transport, Communication and Trade24/10/2021
7Cultural Setting + Contemporary Issues31/10/2021
8Settlements + Regional Development and Planning07/11/2021
9Physical Aspects + Resources14/11/2021
10Agriculture + Industry21/11/2021
11Geography Paper-I28/11/2021
12Geography Paper-II05/12/2021
13Geography Paper-I 12/12/2021
14Geography Paper-II 19/12/2021
15Geography Paper-I To Be Decided
16Geography Paper-II To Be Decided