Kriyaa Hi Vastoopahutaa Praseedati

Number of Attempts in OPSC OAS Examination 2019-20

Every candidate appearing at the OAS examination, who is otherwise eligible, shall be permitted four attempts at the examination provided that:

1. There shall be no such limit for the SC and ST candiddates.

2. The number of attempts permissible to candidates belonging to SEBC, who are otherwise eligible, shall be seven.

This relaxation will be available to the candidates, who are eligible to avail of reservation applicable to such candidates.


1. An attempt at Preliminary examination shall be deemed to be an attempt at the Examination.

2. If a candidate actually appears in any one paper in the Preliminary Examination, he/she shall be deemed to have made an attempt at the Examination

3. The Candidates who have appeared in the OCSE-2017 or OCSE-2018 shall be allowed one extra compensatory attempt in the OCSE-2019.

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