OPSC General Studies (Main) Paper I & II: 2nd Edition by BK Publication

As a Civil Service Aspirant as well a tutor I understand very well the difficulties faced by the aspirants regarding the material selection for Civil Service Subjects be it UPSC or OPSC, particularly the General Studies both for Prelims and Mains. In this regard, in 2019 BK Publication brought out the First edition of General Studies Mains book covering both the Papers. though it was a very good intitiative and also contains very good materials, but it suffers from few lucanae, which we may not take on account specifying its merit.

Whatever may be for this year (for 2020 Main Exam), BK Publication released the Second Edition of this Book being a revised one, in all cornor of Syllabus. This book is strictly following the latest pattern of OPSC Mains Examination.

Taking account of the difficulties faced by students for assimilation of subject maerial and making notes, this book try its best to provide authenic materials to students in a simple language, which certainly reduce the note-making burden of OAS aspirants.

This book covers every aspect of syllabus but in a different approach, not following traditional appraoch. By aasuming that A OAS Mains aspirant knows the fundamentals of the subject, this book avoids such things and focuses only in mains perspectives giving much impetus to answer writing. For Example, it did not discuss indept into the Part-I of the constitution, which deals in Union and Its Territory, instead it discusses Different Commissions related to State Reorganisation such as Sarkaria Commission, Punchi Commission etc. because in OAS Mains, one can expect a question from this.

One of the most notable points of this book is, it covers All sections related to Odisha such as:

  • Modern Odisha History,
  • Art and Culture of Odisha,
  • Geography of Odisha,
  • Odisha Government and Politics, and
  • Odisha Economy

For which materials are scanty in the market.

Another Significant point of this book is, it critically analyzing the most significant issues related to:

  • Current National Issues and topics of social relevance
  • Legal and environmental issues
  • International Affairs and Institutions and
  • Science and Technology

We may conclude after reviewing this book by saying: “Most read book for OAS Mains General Studies


1. Brajabandhu Mahanta, Founder Director of OBJECTIVE IAS and Editor-in-Chief www.historyofodisha.in

2. Deepak Rout, Founder and Managing Director of Kalinga IAS

3. Bijaya Kumar Mohapatra, Chief Editor of Odisha Reference Yearbook