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OAS Prelims Online Practice Test: Atmosphere

Test Details:

Name: Atmosphere
Subject: General Geography (Climatology)
Reference Book: NCERT Geography
Total No. of Questions: 10
Mode: Online
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Sample Question with Answer
  1. Why winds deflected towards the left in the southern hemisphere?
  1. Temperature
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Rotation of the Earth
  4. Pressure

Answer: (c ) Rotation of the Earth

Explanation: Consequences of the Earth’s Rotation

The earth rotates rotates on its axis taking approximately approximately 24 hours to complete one rotation.

This has important environmental consequences.

  1. Rotation creates a diurnal cycle of light and darkness, temperature, and humidity changes.
  2. Rotation requires the creation of standardized time zones. There are 24, one for each hour of the earth’s rotation.
  3. Rotation causes the tidesā€ the twice daily rise and fall of sea level. Tides are complicated complicated because because they are the result of both the gravity gravity of the moon and the gravity of the sun. Sometimes the sun and the moon are lined up with the earth, but most of the time they are not. Tides are highest when the earth, sun and moon are in a straight line.
  4. The Coriolis Force. Rotation causes a deflection of ocean and air currents. The earth rotates much faster than the winds or currents move. This causes a large deflection in the direction that winds move and ultimately results in rotation around low pressure cells and high pressure cells. It also causes large rotating pools of water in the oceans called gyres. The Coriolis force only operates on large features.

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