OAS Prelims 2020 Question Bank (Q&A)


  1. 1000 Important Concepts Discussed
  2. More than 420 Pages (in PDF)
  3. Special Emphasis on Concept Clearance
  4. 11 Tests including 3 mock tests
  5. Strictly according to the latest Pattern of OPSC
  6. Best for Quick Revision
  7. Based of All Recommended Books including NCERTs


  1. Previous Year OPSC/UPSC Questions (100 Q)
  2. Economic and Social Development (50Q)
  3. General Issues on Environmental Ecology (100Q)  
  4. General Science (100Q)  
  5. Geography of India and the World (100Q) 
  6. History of India and Indian National Movement (100Q)
  7. Indian Polity and Governance (100Q)  
  8. Macroeconomics (50Q)  
  9. General Studies Paper-I (100Q)   
  10. General Studies Paper-I (100Q) 
  11. General Studies Paper-I (100Q)