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Daily Practice Set, Geography of India, Questions

OAS Prelims-2020 Daily Practice Set-14/05/2020

Paper:   General Studies Paper-I

Section:  Geography of India

Topic:  Economic Geography of India

Q1. Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for:
a) Copper
b) Zinc
c) Mica
d) Gold

Q2. Which state in India has the world’s largest deposit of thorium?
a) Kerala
b) Karnataka
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Asom

Q3. The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth’s surface is known as:
a) Thermal Energy
b) Nuclear Energy
c) Tidal energy
d) Geo-thermal energy

Q4. In the context of alternate source of energy, ethanol as a viable bio-fuel can be obtained from:
a) Potato
b) rice
c) Suagrcane
d) Wheat

Q5. Which on the the following states of India is the largest producer of Lignite coal?
a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu

Q6. India is comparatively not rich in which on of the following minerals compared to the other three?
a) Bauxite
b) Copper
c) Iron
d) Manganese

Q7. For which one of the following is Lamba in Gujarat, famous?
a) Cultivation of oil yielding plants
b) Wind power Plant
c) Oil refinery
d) Uranium enrichment plant

Q8. Which one among the following is not a source of renewable energy?
a) Hydroelectricity
b) Solar energy
c) Fuel cell
d) Wind energy

Q9. Coal mine in Jharkhand are located at:
a) Jharia
b) Jamshedpur
c) Ranchi
d) Lohardoga

Q10. The generation potential for the generation of tidal power in India is available in the:
a) Coromandal coast
b) Gujarat Coast
c) Konarat Coast
d) Malabar Coast


  1. d
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c
  5. d
  6. b
  7. b
  8. c
  9. c
  10. b
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