OAS Prelims- 2016 Solved: Indian and the World Geography

1. El NINO phenomenon is associated with:
a) Cloud Brustling
b) Earthquake
c) Global Warming
d) Acid Rain
Answer: (c) Global Warming

2. The “Vale of Kashmir” lies between:
a) Pir Panjal and Karakoram Range
b) Pir Panjal and Zaskar Range
c) Zaskar and Ladakh Ranga
d) Shiwalik and Ladakh Range
Answer: (b) Pir Panjal and Zaskar range

3. Which one of the following countries is the major producer of MICA?
a) India
b) USA
c) Brazil
d) China
Answer: (d) China

4. Which of the following was the earliest regional planning exercise in India?
a) National Capital Region Plan
b) Dandakaranya Area Plan
c) Damodar Valley Project
d) Bhakra Nangal Project
Answer: (c) Damodar Valley Project

5. The Habitat of the Toda tribe is:
a) Aravalli range
b) Siwalik range
c) Kaimur range
d) Nilgiri hills
Answer: (d) Nilgiri Hills

6. The “Durand Line” is the boundary between:
a) India and Pakistan
b) Iran and Pakistan
c) Pakistan and Afghanistan
d) Pakistan and China
Answer: (c) Pakistan and Afghanistan

7. Which of the following places of India ranks second among the coldest inhabited places in the world?
a) Dras
b) Itanagar
c) Manali
d) Mana
Answer: (a) Dras

8. The Athabasca Tar-sand is famous for the deposits of:
a) Copper
b) Iron-Ore
c) Petroleum
d) Uranium
Answer: (c) Petroleum

9. Marquette range in USA is known for:
a) Uranuim
b) Copper
c) Gold
d) Iron Ore
Answer: (d) Iron Ore

10. When was the first synchronous census of Indian population held?
a) 1872
b) 1881
c) 1891
d) 1911
Answer: (b) 1881

11. Who were the earliest migrants from Europe to South America?
a) Britishers
b) French
c) Portuguese
d) Spaniards
Answer: (d) Spaniards

12. Varanasi- “The Cultural Capital of India”- is mainly associated with:
a) Shivaism
b) Vaishnavism
c) Shaktism
d) Sikhism
Answer: (a) Shivaism


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