OAS Prelims- 2016 Solved: General Science and Technology

1. Plasma arc technology is used for the disposal of waste, which of the following statements is/are correct with regard to this technology?
i) It can be used for the disposal of hazardous and radioactive waste
ii) Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen are polluting gases produced in this process.
iii) This technology has not been tried anywhere in India
a) i, ii, and iii
b) i and ii
c) i and iii only
d) iii only
Answer: (c) i and iii only

2. ISO 14040 series deals with:
a) Life cycle assessment
b) Environmental labels and declarations
c) Environmental management systems
d) Environmental performance evaluation
Answer: (A) Life Cycle Assessment

3. Basal metabolic rate of the body is regulated by:
a) Thyroid hormone
b) Insulin
c) Pineal Hormone
d) Corticosteroid
Answer: (A) Thyroid hormone

4. What is the function of hydrochloric acid in stomach?
a) It kills the bacterias which enters to the stomach with food
b) It absorbs harmful toxins
c) It converts the food into semisolid form
d) It helps in purifying the blood
Answer: (A) It kills the bacteria which enters to the stomach with food

5. Myopia is also known as:
a) Far sightedness
b) Poor sightedness
c) Extreme sightedness
d) Near sightedness
Answer: (D) Near sightedness

6. Migration of cancerous cells from the site of origin to other part of the body forming secondary tumers is called:
a) Diapedesis
b) Metastasis
c) Proliferation
d) None of the above
Answer: (B) Metastasis

7. Choose the best fire extinguisher:
a) Oxygen
b) Water
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Blanket
Answer: (C) Carbon dioxide

8. Rockets are designed to carry:
a) Payloads
b) Scientific Instruments
c) Satellites
d) All of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above

9. Electric generator is device which converts——–enerdy into ————-energy.
a) Mechanical, electrical
b) Electrical, electronics
c) Electrical, Chemical
d) Electrical, Mechanical
Answer: (A) Electrical, Mechanical

10. Which of the following is used for communication, weather forecasting and remote sensing?
a) Natural Satellites
b) Artificial Satellites
c) Space Shuttles
d) Super Computers
Answer: (B) Artificial Satellites

11. Nails, Scales and bones are:
a) Biodegradable
b) Non-biodegradable
c) Bio accumulative
d) Non of the above
Answer: (A) Biodegradable

13. The testis, male gonad is located inside the scrotum in order to keep testicular temperature:
a) Higher than body temperature
b) Normal as body temperature
c) Lower than body temperature
d) Depending on environmental changes
Answer: (C) Lower than body temperature

14. Soap and detergents help remove dirt from cloths. It does so because of having two parts:
a) Hydrophilic, Neutrophilic
b) Both the hydrophobic
c) Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
d) Neutrophilic, hydrophobic
Answer: (C) Hydrophilic and hydrophobic

15. Fermentation is a process in which:
a) Organic compound is slowly decomposed in to simple substancees in presence of O2
b) Organic compound is slowly decomposed into simple substances in absence of O2
c) Simple substances is polymerized into complex substance
d) All of the above
Answer: (B) Organic compound is slowly decomposed into simple substances in absence of O2

16. W observe objects around us due to:
a) Refraction of light
b) Reflection of Light
c) Absorption of light
s) All of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above

17. Losing eyesight after consuming spurious liquor (Bhejal) is due to its adulteration by:
a) Methanol
b) Acetaldehyde
c) Drug
d) Acidic moiety
Answer: (A) Methanol

18. Fuse wire of appropriate thickness improves its efficency to prevent damage. These wires are made up of:
a) Pure Zinc
b) Pure lead
c) Alloy of lead and tin
d) Alloy of lead and zinc
Answer: (C) Alloy of lead and tin

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