OAS Mains Questions: International Affairs and Institutions-I

Answe the following Questions: Each Question carries 6 marks
1. Discuss the success and shortcomings of SAARC. What are the new initiatives taken and proposed for strengthening regional and economic co-operation among SAARC countries?
2. What are the millenium Development Goals of the UN? How far the UN has been successful in achieving these Goals?
3. Why is India trying for permanent membership of UN Security Council?
4. What is ILO’s Decent Work Country Programme? Give a brief account of ILO’s DWCP-India 2013-17
5. Is EU a viable organisation? Explain.
6. Describe the functions and jurisdictions of the International Court of Justice. How are the Judges of ICJ selected?

Write Short notes of the following: Each Question carries 4 marks
7. Brexit
8. Ebola Outbreak
9. South China Sea turmoil
10. International Oil Price Movement
11. European Refugee inlux
12. Iran Nuclear Deal

Write about the following in about 150 words each: Each question carries 15 marks
13. 21st ASEAN Summit 2012
14. 4th BRICS Summit, 2012
15. United Nationas Peace Keeping Operations

Write about the following in about 20 words each: Each question carries 2 marks
16. Spain and Catalonian Independence
17. US-Russia Ukraine criss
18. Indo-Bangla Co-operation in Power Sector
19. Un Population Fund
20. Third BIMSTEC Summit, 2014

Write about the following by expanding and explaining the objectives in 20 words each: each question carries 2 marks
22. EU
23. UNSC
24. OPCW

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