OAS Mains Questions: India and The World-II

Write about the following (150 words): Each Question carries 15 marks
1. Restoration of popular rule in Pakistan and its implications for India.
2. Barrack Obama and the prospect of a new Indo-USA relations
3. India’s look east policy
4. India and UN reforms

Write about the following (About 20 words each): Each question carries 2 marks
5. Border dispute with china
6. Trade across the LoC with Pakistan
7. Dealing with terrorists from Bangladesh
8. India’s moon mission
9. India and the Non-aligned movement
10. The G-8 Countries
11. Prospects of Indians in the USA
12. India and the Nuclear weapons
13. India and the UNO
14. Siachen dispute
15. Nuclear Suppliers Group
16. Tashkent Agreement
17. CTBT
18. IAEA Safeguards
19. India Caucus
20. Indian Americans in NASA
21. Indian Diaspora in Australia
22. Role of Indian Americans in US Presidential elections
23. Indian-Canadians and their role in Canada’s economic growth.

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