OAS Mains Questions: India and The World-I

Answer the Following Questions in about 150 words each: Each Questions carries 10 marks
1. Discuss the regions for the rise of Islamic State (ISIS).
2. What is the purpose of setting of the New Development Banks of BRICS? Is BRICS a sucess or failure? Explain.
3. What is Link West Policy? Discuss the Key aspects of the current foreign policy of India.
4. What are the major security threats to India through her North Western border?
5. Discuss India’s Maritime security policy?
6. What are the key objections of India towards NPT?
7. Discuss the important aspects of India’s Civil Nuclear Co-operation Agreement with the United States of America.
9. Explain the main features of Indian Nuclear Doctrine.
10. Discuss the role of Indian Disapora in the economic development of India and Shaping of India’s Foreign Policy.
11. The foreign tours of the Prime Minister have given a boost to Indian Economy. Do you agree? Give the reasons for your with supporting evidence.
12. Emergence of Global terrorism and counter terrorosm measures taken by India and USA jointly.
13. India’s Look East Policy and its impact on the Indian Economy.

Write about the following in 20 words each: Each Questions carries 5 marks.
14. Cliam of India to be a permanent member in Security council.
15. India’s economic engagement in Africa
16. Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF) in Srilanka
17. India’s emission cut proposals to United Nations Framework Convension on Climate change (UNFCCC) in 2010.
18. Kargil war
19. India and disarmament
20. Reforming UN
21. Indo-Bangladesh Treaty of Friendship, 1972
22. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project
23. Impact of Gorbachev’s Reforms

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