OAS Mains Questions: History of Odisha

1. Assess the role of Surendra Sai as a freedom fighter
2. Discuss the contribution of Lakshaman Naik to the freedom Movement in Odisha
3. Describe briefly the main features of the Orissan Temple Architechture.
4. Discuss the cultural Development of Orissa in the field of Odisi dance in the post-independence period.
5. Discuss the contributions of Utkalamani Pandit Gopabandhu Das to the freedom Movements in Orissa.
6. State the contributions of Ramadevi to the shaping of Freedom Movements in Orissa.
7. Explain briefly, the architecture of the Sun temple at Konark.
8. Analyze the trends of socio-cultural developments in post-independence Orissa.
9. Assess the role of Buxi Jagabandhu in the Paik Rebellion.
10. Discuss the role played by Harekrushna mahatab in shaping nationalist struggle in Odisha
11. Describe briefly the art and architecture of Mukteswar temple.
12. Examine the emergence and growth of odia Cinema up to 1990. To what extent did Odia Cinema capture the social issues of the contemporary times?
13. Contributions of Subhash Chandra Bose to India’s freedom Movement.
14. Role of Gopabandhu Das during Non-cooperation Movement in Odisha
15. Contributions of Madhusudan Das to social, political and economic development of Odisha
16. Discuss the main features of Kalinga style of temple architecture with examples.

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