OAS Mains Questions: Geography of Odisha

Write Short Notes on:
1. Physiographic characteristics of Odisha
2. Features of Northern Tropical Semi Evergreen Forests of Odisha
3. Problems encountered by the ecosystem of the Chilika Lake
4. Major projects constucted across the main river of the largest river basin of Odisha
5. Gandhamardan Hills
6. The impact of tropical depressions on the coastal low lands of Odisha
7. Localization of Aluminium Industry in Odisha
8. The hinterland of Paradip Port
9. Environmental problems of tribal regions of Odisha
10. Developmental issues of the Highland regions of Odisha
11. Purias acentreof pilgrimage
12. The chief coal producing areas of Odisha
13. Population concentrationin capital city of Bhubaneswar
14. Human induced environmental problems in Odisha
15. Chilika lake as a tourist resort
16. Hirakud Dam – A multipurpose project
17. Chilka Lake – A tourist resort
18. Chief iron orr mining areas
19. Major river systems
20. Physiographic characteristics of coastal Plains

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