OAS Mains Questions: Geography of India

You have to answer these questions in about 125 words each, Each Question carries 10 marks.
1. Explain the main characteristics of Indian climate and discuss the spatial distribution of rainfall in the country with special reference to its relief and location.
2. Which are the major physiographic divisions of India ? Contrst the relief of the Himalayan region with that of the Peninsular plateau.
3. The central locationof India at the head of the Indian ocean is considered of great significance. Why ?
4. What steps have been teken to protect the flora and fauna of the country ?
5. Discuss the salient geological faramations and thir associated mineral resources of India.
6. Explain the bases of agro-climatic regionalization and their core strategies of development.
7. Evaluate the sources of renewable energy in India and explain their spatial patterns and potentials.
8. Discuss the origin of Indian monsoon with reference to differential heating and cooling of land and ocean water on an extensive scale.
9. Highlight the importance of either coal or petroleum as aprime source of energy in India.
10. Account for the contribution of Green Revolution in the agricultural economy of India.
11. ‘Indian farming is a gambie in the Monsoon.’ Discuss.
12. Idustril development has certainly numerous advantages in India, but it has created some enviromental problems. Discuss.
13. Why is heavy concentration of population in the Ganga Plains .

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