OAS Mains Questions: Economy of Odisha

Answer the following Questions in about 250 words each:
1. Discuss the main features of the new Industrial Policy of Govt of Odisha.
2. Give an account of the growth of steel industries in Odisha and discuss the problems faced by the steel industries of Odisha in procuring raw materials.
3. Point out the causes of economic backwardness of KBK districts and discuss the steps taken by Govt. of Odisha for the economic development of the area.
4. Explain the main features of the economic development of Odisha during the post Reform period.
5. What do you mean by regional disparity? Discuss the steps taken by the government to minimize regional disparity.
6. Outline the major trends in the economic growth of Odisha in the post-reform period.
7. Do you say that the development strategy adopted so far has not been successful in reducing regional disparity ans accelerating faster economic growth in the state? Explain
9. Assess the impact of economic reforms in India since 1991 on growth, employment and poverty.
10. Explain the salient features of the Eleventh Five Year Plan of India.

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