OAS Mains-2019 Question Bank

16 Tests (11 Sectional + 3 Current Affairs + 2 Mock tests)

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What You Will Get with this Package?

Study Materials:

  1. International Affairs 2020
  2. India and the World 2020
  3. Indian Polity Q&A
  4. Modern India
  5. Geography of Odisha (All Important Topics)
  6. History of Odisha Q&A


Tests (Marks)Question BookletAnswer Booklet
Test-1 History of Modern India including Odisha (200 marks)YesYes
Test-2 Indian Culture including Odisha (150 marks)Geography of India including Odisha (200 marks)YesYes
Test-3 Indian Polity including Odisha (200 marks)YesYes
Test-4 Current National Issues and topics of social relevance (200 marks)YesYes
Test-5 Indian Polity including Odisha (200 marks)YesYes
Test-6 Legal and environmental issues (200 marks)YesYes
Test-7 India and the World (150 marks)YesYes
Test-8 Indian Economy including Odisha (200 marks)YesYes
Test-9 International Affairs and Institutions (200 marks)YesYes
Test-10 Developments in the field of science and technology, communication and space (200 marks)YesYes
Test-11 Statistical Analysis, Graphs and Diagrams (100 marks)YesNO
Test-12 Indian Polity (Current Affairs) (100 marks)YesYes
Test-13 Indian Economy (Current Affairs) (100 marks)YesYes
Test-14 Science and Technology (Current Affairs) (100 marks) YesYes
Test-15 General Studies Paper-I (300 marks)YesYes
Test-16 General Studies Paper-II (300 marks)YesYes