OAS Mains-2019 Daily Answer Writing-04/05/2020

Odisha Tribal Tourism

Paper:   General Studies Paper-I

Section:  Geography of India and Odisha

Topic:  Geography of Odisha

Question 1

Write short note on the rivers originating from the Mahanadi Delta

Sample Answer

There are seven rivers originate from the Mahanadi Delta from the low interfluves of the distributaries of the Mahanadi. These are primarily drainage channels of short length. These are slow and sluggish in nature as the slope value between their sources and mouth is negligible. These are Samolia, Gobari, Prachi, Kadua, Dhanua, Tatnachira and Nuna.

          The Samolia originates from Haripur village and flows straight to the Bay of Bengal in an easterly course. The Gobari originates from Devidola and joins the Devi near Bandasahi. The Prachi originally branched off from the Kuakhai but its heads has been silted up and hence closed. Now it flows from Phulnakhara and drains the area between the Kandal and the Kushabhadra rivers. The Kadua drains the interfluves between the Prachi and Kushabhadra. The Dhanua, another small river, originates near Balipatna and after flowing for about 25 km drains to the Kushabhadra. The Ratnachira has its origin near Mukundapur village and flows in a south-west direction. It drains to Bhargavi. The Nuna rises near the Ghoradiha hills and drains into the Daya near Sahupura.

Question 2

Give an account of various dimension of Potential tourism in Odisha

Sample Answer

Tourism Industry has great potential in Odisha. It is multidimensional in nature according to the places of tourist importance present in Odisha. The places of tourist importance can be broadly classified into three groups- Global, National and Local. Another dimension of tourism in Odisha is the festivals celebrated in many parts of Odisha. Let’s discuss each dimension in details:

Global Importance: The places of international repute in Odisha are the Sun temple at Konark, Jagannatha temple at Puri, Temple city Bhubaneswar, Historical Place Khandagiri and Udaygiri, Asokan inscription and Santi stupa at Dhauli, Nandan Kanan- Zoological Park, are of greatest attraction for both children and adults alike. All these places are linked by an excellent rail and road network and form a “golden Triangle” from the tourist point of view.

National Importance: Hirakud dam on Mahanadi, hydel power station at Machkund and steel plant at Rourkela comes in this category as these are projects of national importance. Next comes lake chilika, on the eastern seaboard. With numerous rocky islands and penetrating hill spurs it can be developed in to a most attractive tourist destination on national importance. Similipal is also a tourist Centre of great potential.

Local Importance: Sana Ghagara and Bhimakund in kendujhar, Taptapani hotspring in Ganjam, Atri Hotspring in Khurda, temples of Nrusinghanath and Kapilas are among few places of local importance in Odisha.

Festivals: Among the festivals which attract large number of people from the country and abroad is the world famous Rath Yatra at Puri. The festivals last about 10 days. It draws a large number of international tourists. The Durga Puja and Bali Yatra of Cuttack have also potential of attracting tourism.

Odisha has still a long way to go to develop tourism as an Industry. Modern hotels with economic as well as luxury boarding facilities need to be provided. The transport system needs to be made more efficient. Qualified tourist guides are also needed for the visitors. The investment in this sector will surely pay off.

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