OAS Mains 2018 General Studies- I Practice Set: Geography of India and Odisha

Major Soils of India

Q1. Answer any three of the following: 10×3=30
a) Why Meghalaya and Karbi Anglang plateaus are included in Peninsular India? Discuss their vegetation and Soil types.
b) What role did played by geological structure and topography in the evolution of Peninsular Drainage pattern in India?
c) Discuss the distribution of wind and rainfall over India in cold weather season in India.
d) i) Mention the areas of Mangrooves in India. Write their ecological significance.
ii) Discuss the distribution and agricultural usage of Black soil in India.

Q2. Answer any three of the following: 10×3=30
a) Discuss the ways by which the potential of the tourism in hilly areas of India be developed as an important source of economy.
b) Discuss the economic, social and ecological implications of Green Revolution in India.
c) Analyze the pattern of India’s trade with ASEAN nations.
d) i) Analyze the problems of cotton textile industries in India
ii) Bring out the reasons for large concentration of religious minorities in the border states of India

Q3. Write short notes on any Eight of the following: 5×8=40
a) Coastline of Odisha
b) Gondwana occurrences in Odisha
c) Middle Mountainous country
d) Rivers originating from the Mahanadi Delta
e) Problems of Eastern Ghat forests
f) Mahanadi irrigation system
g) Graphite Deposits of Odisha
h) Bhitarkanika
i) Similipal National Park
j) The Bargarh Uplands

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