Most Important World Affairs Issues for OAS Mains 2018: Most for Exam

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In RIC Meeting

1. India’s Nuclear Facilities under IAEA Safeguard
2. CPEC and Pakistan
3. Nepal Withdraw from first ever BIMSTEC military drill
4. India has signed a deal for five S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems with Russia
5. India and China signed their first ever internal security cooperation agreement
6. India has announced successful completion of its nuclear triad capability
7. 13th India-Japan summit
8. Moscow format
9. A new European Union strategy for India
10. India’s Neighbourhood Policy
11. India- Maldives new Relationship
12. Political Crisis in Srilanka
13. Indo-Bhutan Relationship
14. Bangladesh’s unexpected Development
15. Russia-India-China (RIC) trilateral
16. Indian Ocean Region and World Affairs
17. Strategic Partnership between India and South Africa
18. USA Pulls out of INF treaty
19. Important Arms Control Treaties
20. India-UAE relation
21. India- Soudi Arabia
22. Indus Water Policy Shift
23. India-Pacific Regional Dialogue
24. FTAF’s blacklisting of Pakistan
25. UNSC sanctioned Masood Azhar
26. US-Israel relation
27. BBIN Project
28. US ends waiver of Iranian oil
29. Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
30. Venezuela Crisis and India
31. Afghan Peace Process

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