Mission Shakti: Advantages and Concerns

Mission Shakti (Representation Only)

1. India successfully conducted an Anti-Satellite (ASAT) missile test, named Mission Shakti, becoming the fourth country in the world after China, US, Russia to shoot down satellites in orbit.

2. Anti-Satellite Missile Test is the technological capability to hit and destroy satellites in space through missiles launched from the ground.

3. It was launched by DRDO.

4. It is a great achievement by the Indian Scientists since it was carried out with great precision.

5. India used Kinetic Kill, a space technology in which India has developed capability.

6. Test was done in lower atmosphere to ensure no space debris.

7. It is made in India and hence indigenous.

Advantages of Mission Shakti for India

1. The acquisition and demonstration of this technology make India a member of an elite group of countries.

2. Anti-satellite weapons provide the capability to shoot down enemy satellites in orbit thereby disrupting critical communications and surveillance capabilities.

3. Apart from land, water, air , we are also heading towards space security now.

4. The acquisition of this technology is expected to have spin-offs that India can exploit for commercial use, both domestic and globally.

5. India expects to play a role in the future in the drafting of international law on prevention of an arms race in outer space including inter alia on the prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space in its capacity as a major space faring nation with proven space technology.

Concerns of Mission Shakti

1. A satellite that is destroyed by a missile disintegrates into small pieces, and adds to the space debris. The threat from the space debris is that it could collide with the operational satellites and render them dysfunctional.

2. There is no innovation as of now to target satellites in higher orbits.

3. This can start an arms race in outer space now.

4. It is being alleged that India’s test is against the Outer Space Treaty of which India is a signatory. Hence it is against international law.

Way forward

India has to show diplomatic maturity in coming days in order to balance national security and its commitment towards prevention of arms race in outer space.

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