Meaning of Different types of Questions have been asked in OAS Main Examination

ELUCIDATE: To give a clarifying explanation. Examples and facts should be given to explain the content of the statement in the question.

JUSTIFY: Prove that the statement is right or reasonable. Use arguments, facts, and examples. Do not negate it even slightly

CRITICALLY ANALYZE: You should not take a single stance, or be blind to other facts. You should write positives as well as negatives of the topic and give a fair judgment. Critically doesn’t mean that you should just criticise the given statement.

ASSESS: You need to judge or decide the subject matter mentioned in the question in the given context.

DESCRIBE: Provide a detailed explanation as to how and why something happens along with requisite reasons.

CRITICALLY EVALUATE: Requires the candidate to give his verdict as to what extent a statement or findings are true and to what extent does he agree with given statement. You need to provide pros and cons of the statement and justify the choice made.

ELABORATE: It requires adding details and clarifying the meaning of statement.

COMMENT: This directive requires candidates to express their opinion on something or give an explanation of the same. Candidates must validate their opinion with facts or examples, whenever required.

DISCUSS: It demands to write about a subject in detail, especially considering different ideas and opinions related to it.

ANALYZE: You need to examine in detail in order to discover meaning, essential features, etc Thus, the topic has to be broken down into components or essential features and examine the veracity of the statement.

EXPLAIN: It demands to make the statement clear by describing it in more detail with relevant figures, data, graph or simple definitions. Here the emphasis is on making the answers lucid for even a lay man.

TO WHAT EXTENT: It is used to assess how true a statement is, or in what ways it is true. It demands to give evidence in support of one`s arguments. Candidates must also explore the alternative explanation of question to make the answer complete.

SUBSTANCIATE: To support a claim with facts. Facts might include data, case studies, examples, authentic reports etc.

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