JPSC – Jharkhand Combined Civil Services Preliminary (PT) Exam 2021 Test Series

General Studies Paper-I

Test SubjectReferencesDate
1History of India (100 Questions)Ancient India – RS Sharma
Medieval India – Satish Chandra
Modern India – Bipin Chandra
2Geography of India (100 Questions)General Geography – NCERT Class 6th
Physical Geography – NCERT Class 11th
Economic Geography – NCERT Class 12th
Social and Demographic Geography – NCERT Class 12th
3Indian Polity and Governance (100 Questions)Indian Polity – M. Laxmikanth07/03/2021
4Economic and Sustainable Development (100 Questions)Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh14/03/2021
5Science and Technology (100 Questions)General Science – Lucent 21/03/2021
6Jharkhand Specific Questions
Current Affairs
Miscellaneous (100 Questions)
Know Your State Jharkhand – Arihant Publication28/03/2021

General Studies Paper – II (Jharkhand Awareness)

7History of Jharkhand (20 Questions)
Jharkhand Movement (20 Questions)
Unique Identity of Jharkhand (20 Questions)
Jharkhand General Knowledge – Dr Manish Ranjan IAS28/02/2021
8The Folklore of Jharkhand (15 Questions)
Literature and Litterateur of Jharkhand (15 Questions)
Educational Institutions (15 Questions)
Sports in Jharkhand  (15 Questions)
Jharkhand General Knowledge – Dr Manish Ranjan IAS14/03/2021
9Land Related Regulations (12 Questions)
History of Economic Development of Jharkhand since 1947 and Geography of Jharkhand- Forests, Rivers, Mountains, and Mines (10 Questions)
Jharkhand Industrial Policies (8 Questions)
Major Industries in Jharkhand (5 Questions)
Planning of Jharkhand (5 Questions)
Forests and Wildlife (5 Questions)
Environment (5 Questions)
Disaster Management (5 Questions)
Statistical Representation of Jharkhand (5 Questions)
Jharkhand General Knowledge – Dr Manish Ranjan IAS28/03/2021

Mock Tests

10General Studies Paper – I (50 Questions) – Previous Year Papers04/04/2021
11General Studies Paper – II (50 Questions) – Previous Year Paper11/04/2021
12General Studies Paper – I (Full Length)18/04/2021
13General Studies Paper – II (Full Length)25/04/2021