Scheme and Syllabus of JPSC- Jharkhand Combined Civil Services Mains Examination 2021

The Main Examination shall consist of six compulsory papers, common to all candidates two of these papers namely Paper-I 100 marks and Paper-II 150 marks, shall be language bases and the remaining four papers each of 200 marks shall be subject based. The language based Papers shall be (1) A Composite Paper of General Hindi & General English and (2) A Language and Lietarure Paper of certain selected Languages of which every candidate will have to opt for one. The Subject based Papers shall be (3) Social Science (History & Geography), (4) Indian Constitution and Polity, Public Administration and Good Governance, (5) Indian Economy, Globalization and Sustainable Development and (6) General Science, Environment & Technology Development

Scheme of Examination

SubjectDurationFull MarksRemarks
Paper-I: General Hindi & General English, having two separate sections on (i) General Hindi, and (ii) General English, each of 50 marks having separate answer sheets3 hours100This Paper is only Qualifying in nature in which out of 100 (Combined both Hindi and English) every candidate will have to secure minimum 30 marks. The Marks obtained in this paper will not be counted for the preparation of the merit list either for interview or for the final merit list
Paper-II: Language and Literature: Under this paper, every candidate will have to opt for one Language and Literature out of fifteen as follows: Odia, Bengali, Urdu, Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Santhali, Pancpargania, Nagpuri, Mundari, Kurux, Kurmali, Khortha, Khadia, Ho3 hours150Descriptive Type
Paper-III: Social Sciences, having two distinct sections on: (i) History & (ii) Geography, each equal weightage.3 hours200Descriptive Type
Paper-IV: Indian Constitution and Polity, Public Administration & Good Governance3 hours200Descriptive tpe
Paper-V: Indian Economy, Globalization and Sustainable Development3 hours200Descriptive type
Paper-VI: General Sciences, Environment & Technology Development3 hours200Descriptive type

Paper-I: General Hindi and General English

The General Hindi and General English Paper shall be a composite paper, consisting of two segments, namely, (i) Hindi, and (ii) English. Both the segments shall be of equal weightage i.e. each of 50 marks. The purpose of the paper is to test the working knowledge of the candidates in the above two languages, As such the questions to be asked in both the segments of this paper shall be of matric standard only and shall be confined to the following areas:

A. General Hindi: 50 marks

(क) निबंध (४०० शब्दों का ) – १५ अंक

(ख) व्याकरण – १५ अंक

(ग) वाक्य विन्यास – १० अंक

(घ) संक्षेपण – १० अंक

B. General English: 50 marks

1. Essay- 15 marks

2. Grammar – 15 marks

3. Comprehension – 10 marks

4. Precis – 10 marks

It will be only a qualifying paper in which out of 100 (Combined both Hindi & English) every candidates will have to secure only 30 marks. Thus inclusion of 50 marks General English component will not adversely impact the chances of students from Hindi/ Regional Language background.

Paper- II: Language and Literature

The candidates will have the choice to opt for one of the following languages & literatures:

(i) Odia Language and Literature

(ii) Bengali Language and Literature

(iii) Urdu Language and Lierature

(iv) Sanskrit Language & Literature

(v) English Language and Literature

(vi) Hindi language and literature

(vii) Santhali language and litarature

(viii) Panchapargania language and literature

(ix) Nagpuri language and litarature

(x) Mundari language and literature

(xi) Kurux language and literature

(xii) Kurmali language and litarature

(xiii) Khortha language and litarature

(xiv) Khadia language and literature

(xv) Ho language and literature

This paper will be set for a maximum of 150 marks and marks obtained in this paper shall be counted for preparation of the Gradation-List of the Main Examination.