International Issues 2020

International Issues for OAS Mains 2019

  • General Studies Paper-II
  • Subject: International Affairs and Institutions
  • Topics: Important Events in World Affairs
  • Covers: November 2019 to October 2020


  1. UN Court rejects UK’s claim of sovereignty over Chagos Islands
  2. What are the Geneva Conventions?
  3. US Removes Country Cap on Green Card
  4. US Officially Recognizes Israel’s Sovereignty over the Disputed ‘Golan Heights’
  5. Hong Kong Crisis
  6. Britain Signs Brexit Deal with the EU
  7. Re-education camps in China
  8. Change in US’s West Bank Policy
  9. UK Defies Deadline to Return Chagos Island
  10. Russia Launches Gas Pipelines to China
  11. USA Unveils West-Asia-Peace-Plan
  12. Iran Rolls back Nuclear deal commitments
  13. Revival of SAARC
  14. US to Withdraw US from ‘Open Skies’ Treaty
  15. Iran’s Currency to be Renamed and Re-valued
  16. ‘Travel bubble’ to Kick Start Economy
  17. SIPRI Report: Continuation of Nuclear Weapon Modernization
  18. US to Withdraw from WHO by July 2021
  19. Abraham Accords: Israel-UAE Peace Agreement
  20. Myanmar’s Pushback against China-funded Economic Corridor
  21. UN Treaty of Banning Nuclear Weapons to Enter into Force in 2021

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