How to Write an Effective Answer in OAS Mains Examination

It is a very general doubt among the aspirants of OAS examination that how we write answer in mains examination, which will fetch us maximum mark. The answer is simple, style of writing is a personal matter. In OAS mains examination, it is expected that the candidates will write precisely and to the point as economy of words and depth of understandings is main requirement.

For this it is necessary that the candidate first understand, the question and what the question wants then proceeds further. For example if the questions says, “Give reasons for something” and you started writing in the point form giving reasons, without anything more e.g introduction etc your answer will be considered good. But if you write the answer in discussion style which does not clarify points then your answer is out of order and you will lose mark.

In every question you will get a tail word like Discuss, Analyze, Examine etc. You have to write the answer accordingly. Therefore it is necessary to first understand the meaning of the tail worlds. Lets discuss them..

Elucidate: It means to make something clear. It generally refers to making the statements plain means you have to write the answer in such a way that it becomes intelligible.

Explain: It is same as elucidate

Comment: It means a written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. It implies that you give a written remark or opinion about an event or a person or a situation etc.

Examine: It means inspect someone or something thoroughly in order to determine their nature or condition. It refers to inspecting something closely and bringing out facts i.e you bring to light various aspects of the given term or statement.

Critically Examine: It is same as examine but in-depth. Here you may also include comparisons and contrasts.

Discuss: It means talk about something with a person or people. Generally in this type of question you are supposed to write about the various aspects of the given statements. In other words talk or write about a topic in detail, taking into account different issues or ideas.

Analyze: It means examine something methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it. It refers to taking various facts or parts of a given statement into consideration and bringing to light its nature or structure. You have to take each part one by one ans examine each.

Illustrate: It means provide with pictures or serve as an example of. In this type of questions you have to explaining the question or making clear to the question by giving examples.

Now, after clear understanding the question you have to write the answer accordingly and score maximum.

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