How to write a Good Answer for Short Essay Type of Questions in History Optional in OAS Main Examination

The First question of Section-B of Paper-I is generally a short essay type question. Here you have to write short essays on any three topics out of given four topics in not more than 200 words. Each short essay carries 20 marks and total is 60. Often in OAS examination short essays comes directly from the syllabus. For examples: Dara Shukoh (OAS Mains-2015) comes from chapter-23 of the syllabus (Refer Syllabus). Therefore while preparing for this type of questions candidates should have to give special attention to the topics directly mentioned in the syllabus.

How to Prepare?
During your preparation time after choosing the topics you have to study in-depth about the topics means:
For topics Dara Shukoh you have to study in details about his timeline. his achievements and failures, his importance in Indian History and an estimate of Dara Shukoh etc. After that you have to prepare your answer. Write the answer at least three times which will give you accuracy and score you maximum marks.

How to Write answer in examination?
While writing answer you have to take an analytical approach. The more the analysis involved , the better the marks scored. Even within the limited word limit you have to include various aspects of given topics such as nature, relevance, positive aspects, negative aspects etc.

Therefore write after planning a bit

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