History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: Modern World-V


Q1. Comment on any three of the following statements in about 200 words each:

a) “Maximum Communism is primarily the offspring of German Hegelianism and French socialism. ”

b) “Latecomer Industrial revolution in Japan involved certain factors that were markedly different from what west had experienced.”

c) “The language of narrow nationalism held at Frankfurt destroyed the German revolution; as the fatal idea of aggrandizement of the House of savoy destroyed the Italian revolution.”

d) “Lenin was ruthless dictator who paved the way for the even more ruthless and brutal dictatorship of Stalin”

Q2. The French revolution sought to remove both the religions and secular props of the existing social order. Elucidate.

Q3. Trace the various stages of European Imperialism in Africa in the 19th century

Q4. What were the weakness and difficulties of the weimer republic. How did Hitler succeed in establishing his dictatorship.


Q5. Comment on any three of the following statements in about 200 words each:

a) The peace of Versaillies lacked moral validity from the start.

b) Vietnam’s resilience was the key to its success.

c) The European Union is the New sick man of the Europe

Q6. Explain the circumstances leading to the emergence of Third World and analyze its impact on world affairs.

Q7. Discuss the aims of establishment of the Arab League and assess its role in the safeguarding the interests of the Arab nations.

Q8. Write a critical note on the process of decolonization accelerated by the second world war.


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