History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: Modern World-II

Q1. Comment on any three of the following statements in about 200 words each:

a) “Mazzini’s conception of Italian nationality was not exclusive and his dominant ideal was the recreation of moral unity of mankind.”

b) “If imperialism was viewed as a phase of the struggle for power between states it’s result must be judged in terms of its role in power politics.”

c) “Imperialism and colonialism have long employed as instruments of national policy.”

d) “In 1917, Tsarist Russia was ripe for a Revolution.”

Q2. Events in Italy ran a course almost parallel to that which had led to the Unification of Germany. Critically Analyze

Q3. Discuss the emergence of Neo-imperialism in the late 19th Century.

Q4. Discuss the circumstances leading to the Chinese revolution of 1949 and analyze its significance.

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