History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: Modern India-IV

Q1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 200 words:

a) “We are therefore unable to advise the British Government that the power which at present resides”

b) “The Pakistan movement converted a cultural and religious entity of a people into a separatist political force.”

c) “India’s need for federal system was more an imperative than a political choice.”

d) “The Royal Indian Navy revolt was seen as an event which marked the end of the British rule almost as finally as independence Day.”

Q2. Analyze the Growth of Communalism in the 1940s. What were the issues that led to the partition of India?

Q3. Write a note on the causes and consequences of the Paik rebellion in 1817.

Q4. Discuss the role of Chakra Bisoi in the Kandh rebellion of Ghumsur.

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