History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: Modern India-II

Q1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:

a) “The widow remarriage act was in many ways a logical sequel to the abolition of Sati.”

b) “The Impact of English education proved harmful for the Indians.”

c) “India underwent suffering and mortality in the wake of famines in the later half of the of the 19th century.”

d) “The educated classes are the friends and not the foes of England-her natural and necessary allies in the great work that lies before her.”

Q2. To what extent did commercialization of the Indian agriculture during colonial period prove disastrous for the peasants? Discuss

Q3. Evaluate the scope and method of socio-religious reforms that were adopted by the 19th century reformers.

Q4. Discuss the issues of conflict between the moderates and the extremists. Why did it led to a split in the Congress in 1907 at Surat?

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