History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: Medieval India

Section- A

Q1. Write about any three of the following in not more than 200 words:

a) Chola Village Administration

b) Balban’s theory of Kingship

c) Muhamud Tughlaq’s Major Projects

d) Ziaud-Din Barani as Historian

Q2. What were the amin causes of Muhammad Ghori’s success in establishing a Muslim empire in India?

Q3. Mention new technologies introduced by Turks in India. What were its impacts.

Q4. Discuss the important works of history written during 14th century.


Q5. Write about any three of the following topics in not more than 200 words each:

a) Architecture of Viajayanagar empire

b) Mansabadari system

c) Mughal Architecture

d) Kalinga Style of Temple Architecture

Q6. Explain the nature of Mughal state giving references to the views of different historians.

Q7. Analyze the growth of Banking and credit system in India during 16th and 17th centuries AD

Q8. “Gajapati rules were great patron of art and literature.” Justify.

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