History Practice Set of OAS Mains 2017: History Paper-II

Section-A (Modern India)

Q1. Comment on nay three of the following in not more than 200 words:

a) “The Regulating Act 1773, Pitts India Act, 1784 and Charter act of 1833 left the East India Company as a mere shadow of its earlier political and economic power in India.”

b) “Sri Narayan Guru was a major intervention in the social reform movement from Subaltern perspective.”

c) “Politics remained for the bulk of  the  moderates very much part time affairs. The congress was not a political party but an annual three day show.”

d) “The very idea of the bomb and the secret society, and of propaganda through action and sacrifice were imports from the west.”

Q2. How far planning and industrialization in post-independence period put India on the path of modernity?

Q3. Discuss the formation and early activities of the Communist Party of India.

Q4. Make an analysis on the formation of Odisha as a separate Province.

Section-B (Modern World)

Q5. Comment on nay three of the following in not more than 200 words:

a) “For Kant, enlightenment is  mankind’s final coming of age, the emancipation of the human consciousness from an immature state of ignorance and error.”

b) “Inspite of careful framing of the charter, the role of UNO as peacekeeper and international mediator has been somewhat lukeluster and muted and that continuous to be so even after the end of Cold war.”

c) “A Genuine patriot was Bolivar, but egoistic and fanatical.”

d) “Democracy as a form of Government was not suited to the decolonized South Asian Nations.”

Q6. Evaluate the Chartist movement in England.

Q7. Discuss the Socialist pattern of Industrialization in Soviet and China.

Q8. Critically examine the Dutch Colonial Policy in Indonesia.

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