Geography Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-V

Q1. On the outline map of the world, mark the following. Also write the most significant aspect of each of them in not more than 10 words:

a) Great Bear Lake

b) Mount Adam

c) Long Island

d) Chagai hills

e) Hwang Ho River

f) Gulf of Oman

g) Areas of Mediterranean Climate of Africa

h) Andes

i) Pyrenees

j) Alaska

Q2. Describe the landforms which are prodcucts of endogenic forces.

Q3. Explain the sequential development of landforms associated with coastal areas.

Q4. Attempt a classification of air masses and give characteristics features and associated weather conditions of each class.

Q5. Present a classification pf the soils pf the world and give their eco-significance.

Q6. What is Bio-dversity? Explain the causes and consequences of Biodiversity loss with suitable examples.

Q7. What is Biogeo-chemical cycle? Discuss them in Detail citing suitable illustrations.

Q8. Indicate the major biotic regions of the world and discuss the ecological aspects of the monsoon region.


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